How Universal Document Converter Works

Converting any file to PDF or other graphic format is easy with the complete set of tools included in Universal Document Converter. The clear, intuitive virtual printer interface makes exporting files from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Autodesk AutoCAD into any other format as easy as hitting "Print."

Need to publish documents to a website, send them for professional printing or publication, create a quick PowerPoint presentation, or simply protect your files from being copied or altered before distributing them? Universal Document Converter can do all that and more. And it can help you save time and money setting up an efficient enterprise document management system.

Universal Document Converter Lets You:

Work Faster

Just hit print. Conversion couldn't be easier. Export any kind of document - even multipage reports, technical drawings and commercial artwork - into Adobe PDF or other graphic format by simply choosing the printer labeled "Universal Document Converter."

Quick configuration. The built-in profile library offers fast configuration for standard tasks. Be up and running with two clicks of the mouse.

Faster computing. Universal Document Converter economizes your system resources, meaning you can convert documents with hundreds of pages quickly and easily.

Work Better

Convert multipage documents. Universal Document Converter lets you combine multiple files in different formats into a single multipage file.

Export into 8 formats. Export any kind of document into Adobe PDF format or 7 other popular graphic formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, DCX, GIF or BMP.

Flexible settings. Universal Document Converter gives you the flexibility to select the best combination of image quality and output size. For online use, create the smallest files possible. For professional printing, create high resolution files and compress them without any loss of quality.

Advanced quantization algorithm. Universal Document Converter's advanced image quantization algorithm generates perfect quality copies, even when you convert them to a black-and-white format.

High resolution. Export documents with a resolution of up to 2,400 DPI, retaining all the details of your images, drawings and diagrams.

Automatic margin cropping. Universal Document Converter automatically crops empty margins so you don't have to edit graphic copies of tables and diagrams before inserting them in presentations or text documents.

Save trees. Don't print unnecessary hard copies. Directly exporting a document into graphic format saves paper (and time).

Work Together

Scalability. Network Universal Document Converter to all your company's workstations for faster collaboration and document conversion.

COM interface. Universal Document Converter comes with a COM interface to simplify compatibility with existing document flow systems.

Remote access. Universal Document Converter is compatible with Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Citrix, so you can even use it from remote computers.

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